When Looking For Tire Service in Edmonton We Have You Covered

Could your car benefit from better tires? Perhaps you don’t want your old, worn-out tires to cause a disaster. Maybe you face hazardous driving conditions and want to ensure you have taken proper precautions. Even if you simply want to improve your car’s handling, maintaining quality tires can ensure more secure and fuel-efficient driving.

Tire Replacement

As mentioned above, quality tires represent an important investment. So you have to make sure you purchase the right kind for your vehicle.

Schwabe’s Automotive Centre provides a variety of tire services to the Edmonton area. We sell and install new and replacement tires. We also offer winter tires to help you prepare for Alberta’s icy, snowy winter roads. And, for customers with specialized driving needs, we provide a variety of performance options.

Choose from a wide selection of top brands to get tires that stand up to any application. Some of the brands we offer include Michelin, BFGoodrich®, Yokohama®, General Tire™, Falken Tire, Pirelli, and Continental.

Tire Service in Edmonton

Even if your tires are in good condition, regular maintenance will improve everyday driving and lengthen your tires’ lifetime. We provide the following tire services in Edmonton:

  • Balancing
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Rotation
  • Tune-ups (especially important before long trips)

These services are important in extending the life of your tires. Tires naturally wear unevenly, especially the front tires. This is caused from the way the front tires lean over when you turn a corner, leading to the tires wearing on the outside edges. If tires are not properly rotated and balanced, they will wear faster requiring you to replace them thousands of miles sooner than if proper maintenance was performed.

Not only does regular tire service help make your tires last, it also improves your vehicle’s traction and handling. By regularly maintaining your tire system’s quality, you will experience safe vehicular operation for years to come. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to help you. Get the longest life out of your tires with our tire service in Edmonton.

All-Around Care

When you come to Schwabe’s Automotive Centre for tire services, you will also receive a free estimate and a 30-point inspection. Should you have questions, our certified mechanics are available to help.

Schwabe’s Automotive Centre offers tire services in Edmonton to ensure you and your family stay safe on the road. To learn more about the brands and services we offer, call 780-465-3336 today. We also invite you to come in to see our tires for yourself.

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