Transmission Repair in Edmonton You Can Count On

The job of the transmission in your vehicle is to make sure that the right amount of power for any given speed goes to your wheels so they can turn with enough speed. The transmission shifts gears so you can accelerate and decelerate as you drive. When your transmission isn’t working properly, this can lead to serious problems for your vehicle and serious problems for you if you need to be somewhere. 

If you need transmission repair in Edmonton, rely on Schwabe’s Automotive Centre. Our certified mechanics know the ins and outs of both automatic and manual transmissions, so whether you need extensive repairs or minor maintenance our team can help. 

Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions

The two most common types of transmissions in vehicles are manual and automatic. While there are significant differences between these mechanisms, our team is able to repair and maintain both types. 

  • Manual: If your car has a manual transmission, it cannot shift gears on its own. Instead, you use a clutch to shift gears manually. Pushing the clutch temporarily disconnects the engine and transmission so you can shift into the next gear. 
  • Automatic: If your car has an automatic transmission, it shifts gears on its own. As you accelerate or slow down, the automatic transmission in your car adjusts itself using a torque converter that senses the changes. 

Extensive Transmission Repair in Edmonton 

To ensure your car can accelerate and decelerate as necessary on the road, you need regular transmission maintenance and repair. The most common reasons you’ll need transmission repair in Edmonton are the: 

  • Fluid: The transmission fluid is what keeps the transmission running. Leaks can spring and other problems can arise, so if your transmission fluid levels are low you need to find the cause of the problem ASAP.
  • Solenoid: The solenoid is what controls the flow of fluid throughout your transmission. If you don’t have enough transmission fluid, this can lead to problems with your solenoid. Solenoid problems can cause slips while shifting gears, so be sure to fix this problem quickly. 
  • Torque converter: In automatic transmissions, the torque converter is what senses changes in speed. There are several problems that can affect your torque converter and lead to even bigger problems with your transmission. 
  • Clutch: In manual transmissions, the clutch is how you manually adjust the gear of your car while driving. If the clutch is jammed, the solenoid can become locked which means the amount of fluid in your transmission will not adjust to the speed you’re going, which can cause your transmission to overheat. If your clutch jams often, get it checked out to prevent further transmission problems. 

Rely on Our Team for Transmission Repair in Edmonton 

Your vehicle is what gets you to work, your kids to school and your family to fun weekend excursions. Without it, your life would be drastically different. If not properly maintained or repaired when necessary, your car’s transmission can prevent to you from getting anywhere. 

For expert transmission repair in Edmonton, visit Schwabe’s Automotive Centre. Our team of mechanics has the skill and experience to work on automatic and manual transmissions for vehicles of all makes and models.

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